CMYK: “7 Traits of Ad School Greats”

The latest volume of CMYK features an article that serves as a guide and inspiration for those currently enrolled in or considering attending an advertising portfolio school. Written by our very own Advertising Department Head, Dan Balser, “7 Traits of Ad School Greats” provides the reader with advice on what it takes to be a success both in building one’s portfolio and when striving for a career in the advertising world.

We’ve included a brief synopsis of Dan’s insights below:Dan Balser of The Creative Circus featured in CMYK Magazine

  1. Curiosity: “If you’re a person who has the aching need to learn why something is how it is and what makes people do what they do, you’re a step ahead of those who blindly accept the world around them…’
  2. Resourcefulness: “Never wonder how you’ll get something done. Dream big, and then figure it out.”
  3. Talent: “To a creative person, every problem, invitation, email, and tweet is an opportunity.”
  4. Maturity: “Many of the best students…know that if you’re creating a portfolio to land a job as a creative person, nobody can do the work for you.”
  5. Respectfulness: “What goes around absolutely comes around. Respectfulness is career insurance.”
  6. Fearlessness: There are millions of reasons why not to do something. Ignore ‘em all. Execute, don’t kill.
  7. Fortitude: “The most successful students are not always the most talented, but they often have the most stuff…Quantity very often will lead to quality.”

Read “7 Traits of Ad School Greats” both online and in print, and be sure to congratulate Dan on the feature. Who knows, he might even sign your copy – but only if you ask nicely.