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Interactive Development

Interactive Developers are part scientist and part inventor. Mathematicians and magicians. They take ideas and bring them to life. Developers have a passion for technology, coding, organization, communication and creativity. They can take a PhotoShop document and make it move, sing, bounce and play. Developers are comfortable with foreign languages like those spoken in Flash, Flex, Air, and Android. But they don’t keep all the fun to themselves. At The Creative Circus, like in the working world, Interactive Developers work closely with art directors, designers and copywriters (the creative team) to bring ideas to life.

The Creative Circus Interactive Development Program is unlike anything of its kind. Imagine spending a year learning how to code in ActionScript 3.0 for Flash, and then taking your expertise to a creative team whom you’ll help bring real-world projects to life. Year one is dedicated to aggressively expanding the students’ skills in all areas of coding and development. Students also participate in competitions. “Hacking” contests are a fun way to test students’ skill levels in problem solving.

A presentation layer developer must understand the constraints of digital media. You don’t have to be completely versed in design, copywriting or art direction, but when you walk in the door, we expect that you know how to use a computer and that you have the drive to learn. Bring your curiosity and willingness to participate in a rigorous program, and we’ll take care of the rest.

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