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Home team win for Atlanta Falcons!

Falcons_V1_12017We were so excited for our home team, the Atlanta Falcons going into last weekend’s big game against the Green Bay Packers.  Since it was a clincher for the coveted Super Bowl, we couldn’t let the day go unnoticed.  Thankfully, recent grad Nick Rog created this image to commemorate what turned out to be a fantastic swan song for the Falcons as their last game in the Georgia Dome.   Like the gritty, practiced team that they are, the Atlanta Falcons beat the Green Bay Packers in an unprecedented game to earn our 2nd time in the Super Bowl.  We look forward to cheering on Atlanta’s team on Super Bowl Sunday, along with voting for our favorite ads.   You can check out the rest of Nick’s work here http://www.nickrog.com/

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