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Friday Forum – SMAKK STUDIOS New York

Katie Klencheski - Founder/CEO SMAKK STUDIOS

# CircusForum The Creative Circus hosts special guests every Friday as a part of our Friday Forum Series.

Friday, January 21 at 1:30 PM

Katie Klencheski – Founder/CEO Smack Studios

Katie is on a mission to change consumer behavior towards purchasing decisions that are better for people and planet. As the founder of SMAKK, she uses her passion, creativity, and experience to help values led clients build world changing brands.

Katie began her career in advertising working with global brands (Sony, Trump, American Express, Cartier and more), but felt a pull to bring that knowledge to companies and organizations working to make a world that is more sustainable, thoughtful, and socially conscious.

At SMAKK, she’s built a team that uses their expertise as a force for good. They work closely with their clients to craft cohesive, meaningful brands that disrupt categories, differentiate products, and build consumer loyalty. They leverage beautiful creative and technology to create holistic brand experiences and drive multi-channel growth. SMAKK studios gives brands the strategy and tools to compete with giants.

Katie frequently leads workshops and speaks on topics related to the mission at SMAKK and brand building in the consumer space.

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