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Student Show Spring 2019 Winners

Best in Show: Viva Frida Art Book

Atlanta, GA:   On May 24th, the winners of our semi- annual Creative Circus Student Show were announced!

Below you can view the entries that walked away with the top prizes at the latest show, but all entries are available for viewing on the Student Show.

Best in Show (GOLD): Viva Frida Art Book
Best in Design Books / Music / Posters (GOLD)

Art Director: Xochitl Orozco – 5th Quarter
Designer: Anna Streeter – 5th Quarter

Viva Frida is a lookbook of street art around the world that pays tribute to the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. The front, back, and spine were constructed out of plexiglass using hinges to piece them together. The cover, copy and chapter pages are printed in red with green printed over only allowing the green to be fully legible with a red overlay. The red overlay reveals images and switches the copy from English (red) to Spanish (green). This direction allows readers to see the duality of Frida’s legacy. The plexiglass and long shape were constructed similarly to a portrait frame, her portraits were what she was known for.

Best in Art Direction: Marvelous Mrs. Maisel

Art Director: Carolyn Bowler – 8th Quarter
Copywriter: John Vasiliades – 8th Quarter

In order to generate buzz for season 3 of The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, we created a fake activist group — The Men Of Reason Opposed to Nasty Subversives. MORONS will stop at nothing to bring Midge Maisel down.




Best in Copywriting: Hostelworld

Copywriter: Christian Zerbel – 7th Quarter

Young backpackers aren’t headed abroad for pillow mints. They want adventure. They want stories to bring back home. And they can find all that by booking at Hostelworld.



Best in Design: Pep Typeface

Designer: Gabi Robins – 7th Quarter

A typeface created for a wireless charging system that sends power via radio waves.


Best in Image: Dark, Dark
Category: Photography – Styling

Copywriter: Juan Camillo Garza – 7th Quarter
Photographer: Juan Camillo Garza – 7th Quarter

Traditionally, a diptych is a painting, especially an altarpiece, on two hinged wooden panels which may be closed like a book.

The concept has been adopted by many experimental photographers since its inception for new effect. To tell stories, mostly.

Here are seven stories.



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