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Student Show Fall 2018 Winners

Best in Show: Time to Sign

Atlanta, GA:   On November 30th, the winners of our semi- annual Creative Circus Student Show were announced!

Below you can view the entries that walked away with the top prizes at the latest show, but all entries are available for viewing on the Student Show.

Best in Show (GOLD): Time to Sign
Best in Advertising Integrated (GOLD)
Category: Advertising – Integrated Campaign

Art Director: Jonathan Lopez – 6th Quarter
Copywriter: John Vasiliades – 6th Quarter

We created a yearbook dedicated to the kids who never got to graduate because of school shootings.
*Our entry to the Fight Gunfire with Fire Initiative.


Best in Art Direction: Space Camp
Best in Advertising Integrated (SILVER)
Category: Advertising – Integrated Campaign

Art Director: Dina Zolan – 8th Quarter
Copywriter: Stephen Lintner – 8th Quarter

To get kids excited about going to Space Camp, we first have to get them excited about going into space. But who wants to leave Earth when you can access endless hours of entertainment without ever leaving your couch?

So we created a planet. Not a Star Wars fantasy planet, but one with conditions and properties that might actually exist in our galaxy. One very similar to the planets NASA astronomers study every day.

Our campaign is designed to create buzz around this mysterious, uncharted planet: VB-82. Those daring enough to venture a bit further will discover that the real adventure starts in Huntsville, AL.

student show best in art direction fall 2018

A travel brochure sent to prospective campers (specifically ones in STEM schools and Boy Scout troops) will tease VB-82, providing a small glimpse of what life might be like on this strange world. The brochure will also come with a patch for future VB-82 explorers.




Best in Copy: Black Jack Boots
Category: Advertising – Integrated Campaigns

Art Director: Ryan Bailey – 8th Quarter
Copywriter: Joel Austin – 8th Quarter

student show best in copy fall 2018

student show best in copy fall 2018

best in copy
Black Jack Boots are remarkable, so remarkable they can’t be taken home in just any shoebox. Each pair of Black Jack Boot will come in a wooden crate to give the boots remarkable storage when they aren’t being worn.


Best in Design: Scope
Best in Design Branding (GOLD)
Category: Design – Branding

Art Director: Daniel Bear Hunley – 6th Quarter
Art Director: Kate Hillstead – 6th Quarter
Copywriter: Shelby Miller – 6th Quarter
Designer: Zabrina Quidiello – 6th Quarter
Designer: Grace Williams Frye – 6th Quarter

student show best in design 2018


best in design fall 2018


Best in Image: Nefertiti
Category: Photography – Styling

Art Director: Nhien Nguyen – 8th Quarter

best in image 2018



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