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2020 Atlanta ADDY Silver & Bronze Winner – Lemonade Renters Insurance

Wesley Rhodes & Lauren Byers

2020 Atlanta ADDY Silver Student Award (Integrated Campaign): Lemonade | Honesty-First Insurance
2020 Atlanta ADDY Bronze Student Award (Elements of Advertising, Art Direction)
Wesley Rhodes – Copywriter
Lauren Byers – Art Direction & Animation 

Insurance is a low-touch business. We want to move people from only thinking about Lemonade at the time of purchase, to seeing Lemonade as an honest and trusted partner at every stage of the renting process.

Rumi joins Lemonade’s cast of A.I. assistants to help you find the ideal roommate.

Lemonade’s digital chore wheel keeps everyone honest about their contribution to housework.

Honest Work will live inside the existing Lemonade app.

Customize your chore wheel by adding tasks and setting their frequencies.


Add your roommates to invite them to your chore wheel.

Spin the wheel to randomize the week’s assignments.

Notifications from the app gamify the experience and allow users to gently nudge their roommates.


Sign in to Honest Work and earn a move-in kit to help with the transition.


Good insurance plans require solid policy. Ours is honesty.
Get moved in the right way. Visit lemonade.com to protect your property with plans starting at $5 a month.

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