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Our amazing mentor, teacher & friend - Sylvia Gafney is retiring this month after many years at The Circus. In honor of her retirement party today, some recent Sylvia memories:

"She pushed us all to our limits, and showed us that they were actually further. Forever grateful for her wisdom and kindness!" - Jaime M.

"Sylvia taught me that life is cattywampus 🙂, use what you are given to improvise! She has given us all thicker skin, thank you Sylvia!" - Ansley E.

"I love Sylvia. She scared me a lil at first but then I understood and appreciated her, and I'm a better designer for having had her as an instructor!" - Jill B.

"Sylviaaaa! what a firecracker! i recently found an old sketchbook (from 2001!!!) and tore out some key color theory notes from her class! i loved learning from this wonderful lady and wish her all the best." - Wendy K.
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Panel is a twenty-minute presentation delivered by all students (with the exception of those graduating) to a combination of faculty members & industry professionals. The student shows his or her best work from throughout the quarter & the panelists critique.

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