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Learn to code & become the programmer that every one wants on their team. Programmers, developers, devs, geeks, or what we call Interactive Developers are part scientist and part inventor. Mathematicians and magicians. They take ideas and bring them to life. Developers have a passion for technology, coding, organization, communication and creativity. They can take a Photoshop document and make it move, sing, bounce, and play. But they don’t keep all the fun to themselves. At The Creative Circus, like in the working world, Interactive Developers work closely with the full creative team to bring ideas to life.

You don’t need any experience, but when you walk in the door, we expect that you that you possess a genuine curiosity and willingness to participate in a rigorous program.

Next Class Start: October 2nd  –  Application Deadline: September 15th. Start the application process.

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Department Head

Chris Silich
Chris Silich Interactive
Department Head

Chris Silich

Chris has been making interactive stuff for about 15 years, and teaching for almost that long. He’s an Aussie by birth, a Kiwi by nationality, a Georgia State Graphic Design alumni, a self-taught developer in Javascript, PHP, and half a dozen other languages, and an avid gamer. He’s enjoyed creating interactive experiences for some cool clients, such as Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon, PBS, Lego, and MODA. His goal at the Circus is to help create interactive rock-stars who will change the world. Contact: Interactive Department Head Chris Silich 678.851.1069

Getting Started

Candidates must first interview to be accepted to The Creative Circus. We do not accept an application without an admissions interview. This essential first step ensures The Creative Circus is the right school for you. Our admissions staff will work directly with you to answer all of your questions and guide you through the enrollment process.

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