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Interactive Development.

Programmers, coders, devs, geeks– We call them Interactive Developers, or, as they reach a more senior level in their careers, Creative Technologists. They take ideas and figure out how to bring them to life, using code and tech. They can take a website, app, or interface design, and use technology to make it move, sing, bounce, and play. But they don’t keep all the fun to themselves– At the Creative Circus, like in the working world, Interactive Developers work closely with the full creative team to bring ideas to life. That’s what makes our developers so industry-ready, and keeps our placement rate so high.

Come Tour the School, June 6th!

We’re having an upcoming Open House, on June 6th, at 10am. Come see our cool space, hear about our programs, and figure out if a future in interactive development is right for you.


Program Description

The Interactive Developer program focuses on preparing students for a successful career in the digital communications industry. The program teaches programming languages and logic, creative use of technology, and the daily processes required to produce engaging and innovative interactive media.

Upon graduation, students have a mastery of the primary languages of Web Development, and experience in Game, App, Embedded, and IoT development. Graduate portfolios need to show they can produce engaging interactive media, and adapt to new creative technology as it changes during their careers.

Among the languages, libraries, and frameworks in this program are (*required):

Among the secondary skills in this program are:


Here’s a small sample of the classes you’ll take as a Developer.

Web Development 1/2/3
HTML and CSS, the primary tools needed for building beautiful responsive websites and web apps.

User Experience
Introduces students to fundamentals of Information Architecture, usability and User Experience while helping students build a process for presenting their work.

Intro/Intermediate/Advanced Programming
From basic core fundamental programming logic, all the way to best practices, structures, and techniques of functional, prototypal, and class-based programming in modern ES6.

Interactive Design
This course introduces students to the concepts and best standards behind designing interfaces for interactive user experiences. The course will focus on interface terminology, application of color theory and typography for screen displays, grid systems, fluid layouts, usable navigation systems, and effectively communicate design decisions that solve user goals.

Students learn to work with XML and JSON data formats while using AJAX to submit form data and to display content from public data feeds (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc). Students also learn to validate form input and display appropriate errors and feedback.

Web Animations
This class covers the various techniques for enriching websites with animation, from GIF to the latest CSS and Javascript animation libraries

Introduction to PHP, MySQL, and working with server-side languages.

Game Development
Students learn work in teams to design and build a video game using the Unity game engine. If appropriate, students will adapt their games to run in Virtual Reality, and/or on mobile.

Students learn to write Javascript for web services with NodeJS, and various packages from npm. They also learn how to create a RESTful API, and revisit how to connect to an API from front-end Javascript.

Microcomputer Programming (Arduino)
This light-hearted class covers Arduino programming, sensors, soldering, and building real-world things like robots.

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Graduation Requirements

To graduate from The Creative Circus, an Interactive Developer’s final portfolio must show at least eight final projects. Most students choose to build responsive websites and webapps (as the web development industry has very strong demand), but many include games, apps, embedded interface prototypes, and other things. Industry readiness is the primary factor in whether a student graduates, along with GPA and meeting class requirements.

Career Services

During the final quarter, students meet with the Director of Career Services to discuss career goals and objectives. Graduating Interactive Developers also work with an industry professional on personal presentation skills that will benefit them during interviews or presentations to a client. Graduates have access to our alumni listings, agency contacts, portfolio reviews and direct personal assistance from the Director of Career Services, whose services alumni can continue to use the throughout their career. *Department of Education Program Disclosure


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