Do people (besides your significant other) say you have a way with words? Are you part of the .001% of the population who doesn’t mind when a TV show goes to commercial? Do errors and misuse of words in ads make you cringe? If so, then perhaps copywriting might be your calling. But it is important to know there is a huge difference between an advertising copywriter and a writer. Simply getting words down on paper (or a word doc) won’t cut it. In fact, that barely scratches the surface of what a copywriter does.

Department Head

Dan Balser
Dan Balser Advertising
Department Head

Dan Balser

Dan has been in the ad business since 1987. And he has been a copywriter since 1990, with a decade in New York agencies both big and small. In addition to his duties as a full-time instructor and department head at The Creative Circus, Dan is a freelance creative director, podcaster, strategist, father, husband and blogger who’s never short of opinions. Check out his blog DGMS: A podcast about advertising. Contact: Advertising Department Head Dan Balser
Paul Korel, Senior Copywriting Advisor
Paul Korel Senior
Copywriting Advisor

Paul Korel

If you’ve ever been to Disney World and seen one of the characters running around and thought to yourself “I wonder if it’s hot in one of those things?” Paul can tell you first hand.Seriously, after passing out in the SpectroMagic parade one extra humid night, Paul decided it was time to seek a different career path.Admittedly, Paul changed his major seven times while in college. To his parent’s relief, he finally found his calling in Advertising and hasn’t looked back.Paul attended the Creative Circus in 2003. Soon after graduation, he jumped at an opportunity to work at Boone Oakley in Charlotte, NC. From there, he’s worked at 22Squared, JWT Atlanta, various interactive shops, and today is a successful freelance writer throughout the Southeast.Paul has been with the Circus since 2009 and unlike his Disney days, has every intention of sticking this job out.In addition, to helping students, Paul is a huge fan of his wife, his son, his dog, his turtle, his two fish, and his Big Green Egg.Contact: Senior Copywriting Advisor Paul Korel
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