Continuing Education

Corporate Training

So you want to enhance your skills at your current job? We know how time-consuming it can be to build your own training programs, so let’s make this an easy experience for you and beneficial for your employees by letting The Creative Circus do the training for you. For starters, when you send three or more people to classes during a quarter, we’ll give your company a discount on each employee.


We can offer an existing class or build a custom curriculum designed around your training needs.  As long as you can guarantee that at least 10 people will attend, we’ll set up your custom class and give you a group discount.

“Taking classes at Creative Circus was like being in a free and experimental laboratory where I could test the limits of my imagination. The instructor’s feedback was dead-on and immediate; she saw through the fluff and the clutter and helped me to hone in on the ideas that are true, simple, and funny.  She made it all seem like a fun game; a puzzle and totally do-able. […] I was emboldened creatively and inspired in ways I never have been before.  The exchange of ideas and breadth of assignments helped me to grow in my confidence and to trust my instincts. I pitched a series of IDs at work based on a classroom assignment and my boss greenlit them. The spots are pitch perfect for our Pretty Little Liars campaign and are some of my best work.  I even got promoted at work this year and I know that my classes at Creative Circus only helped me to be taken more seriously as a creative!”

-Susan, writer/producer, Turner Broadcasting

If you’d like to know more and talk details, please contact Kim Bianco at 404.477.6727 or

Getting Started

Candidates must first interview to be accepted to The Creative Circus. We do not accept an application without an admissions interview. This essential first step ensures The Creative Circus is the right school for you. Our admissions staff will work directly with you to answer all of your questions and guide you through the enrollment process.

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