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Programs of Study

The Creative Circus offers training and career preparation in Art Direction, Copywriting, Graphic Design, Creative Technology, and Content Creation. This training enables our graduates to be recognized as some of the best-prepared new creatives in the industry. The Creative Circus relies on the expertise, dedication and goodwill of working professionals who teach here to achieve this lofty recognition. Our programs are dedicated to developing each student’s individual abilities to prepare him or her for the competitive work environment that follows graduation.

Art Direction

Art directors sweat all the details that most don’t think about. They live for concept and craft. It’s not just about making things look pretty – art directors must be strategic. Working hand-in-hand with copywriters, art directors brainstorm big ideas then go to work to bring them to life, whether through print, digital, outdoor, “made you look” non-traditional ideas and everything in between.
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Today’s copywriter needs to be a Jack or Jill of all things creative, and for just about every marketing medium that exists. What can you write that will inspire action? How can you say something unexpected and different? How would you say the above paragraph better? As a copywriter, it’s your job to figure that out. The good news: you have two years of practice ahead of you.
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Graphic Design

“This is SO *@!%ing COOL!” is the best reaction a designer can get. It’s proof that the magic worked. What’s the magic all about you ask? It’s called manipulation. Not the manipulation that offends; rather, the kind that drops jaws in amazement. Designers create things by manipulating any media, any dimension or materials necessary. It’s taking a thought and, by using divination, desperation, resourcefulness, perspiration and enchantment, making it real — and with the right magic, really *@!%ing cool.
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Creative Technology

Creative Technologists are the secret wizards that make our digital world turn. This program aims to train students for careers in any market sector that needs creative technology– advertising, marketing, entertainment, education. Students are part developer (coder), part designer (artist), part strategist (thinker). We cover web design and development in-depth, since that's the most in demand part of the industry. But we also work on games, animation, motion graphics, computational media, micro-computing and whatever other tech is creative, exciting, and marketable. At the same time, our students stand above the rest with light training in strategic thinking, collaboration, trend-hunting and other skills necessary for a successful career working with interactive media.
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Creative Circus photographers & content creators bring a lot more to the creative table than their DSLR cameras. To succeed creatively you must seek passionately, measure accurately, engage completely and practice daily. Today’s commercial photographer is actually more producer than shooter. They plan, gather and direct the process of making images, either working alone or with others. Content Creators produce compelling content that takes viewers on a journey. Content Creation requires a mixture of right-brained and left-brained activities — in other words, you’ll need to be organized and creative, analytical and associative, disciplined and diverse.
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