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Portfolio School for International Students

As a world-renowned portfolio school, The Creative Circus has students who enroll from around the globe each quarter. Some return to their native countries to work. Others, with proper work visas upon graduation may choose to remain and work in the United States. While we can advise students on the proper documentation required to attend school and to work legally in the U.S., it is the responsibility of our international students to understand and adhere to the federal governing regulations.

Our admissions process begins with your interview to determine if The Creative Circus as a portfolio school is the best step for you. If we determine together that it is, your Admissions Representative will give you recommendations on how and when to apply. The application process and our requirements are basically the same for international students as with U.S. citizens. The federal government requirements, however, are different.

1. Your Admissions Interview

The first step in our admissions process is the most important step. The success of The Creative Circus is dependent on the caliber of our students and graduates. And the success of your portfolio is dependent on the quality of education and opportunity you have and what you do with that opportunity. For those reasons, it’s vital that we speak in depth about your interests, your goals and what outcomes you desire as you consider The Creative Circus. You may have many questions about what we teach and how we teach it. You may want to know about our other international students and their successes and challenges. And we want you to get the most out of your Creative Circus education. Interviews may be conducted in-person if you are in Atlanta or are planning a visit, or by phone.

2. The Application

Please complete and submit your admissions application. This application will allow you to submit samples of your creative work as well as allow you to pay online for your application fee. Once we receive and process your application, our International Admissions Representative will provide you with your next steps.

3. Supporting Documents

After we have received your application, you will be notified if you have been accepted to The Creative Circus. Once you have been accepted, we will be providing you with more information on further requirements as listed below. You must be proficient in English to enter a program at The Creative Circus.

A valid M-1 student visa
Documentation of financial support providing proof of funds to support yourself for one year of school
A copy of your passport
A copy of a diploma or transcript from your most recent college or school

For more details on these requirements and how to fulfill them before starting school, contact your Admissions team.

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