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Circus Design Students Maria Khodorkovsky & Jessica Sanchez designed this week's chalkboard.

Forum: July 21st 1:30 - 2:30 in the theater
Vann Graves, Chief Creative Officer | JWT Atlanta

For every Friday Forum at The Circus, a student(s) is selected to transform the chalkboard at the entrance to the Carol Vick Bynum Theater as a welcome to the Forum speaker. We love seeing all the fun, unique designs!

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Latest Institutional Total: 99%

Graduates and completers of The Creative Circus working in their field of study within six months of graduation.

Program of Study Placement Rate – 2015 Academic Year
Art Direction 100%
Copywriting 97%
Design & Interactive Design 100%
Image 100%
Interactive Development 100%
Campus Total 99%
Program of Study Placement Rate – 2014 Academic Year
Art Direction 100%
Copywriting 100%
Design & Interactive Design 94%
Image 83%
Interactive Development 100%
Campus Total 97%

We are required, as part of our accreditation, to track and report our placement statistics each December for the prior academic year (July 1st-June 30th).  These findings are on file with The Council of Occupational Education.


final-2013-2014-circus-infographic copy

CC 2012 2013 placement infographic



The Creative Circus offers assistance to graduates seeking employment opportunities. Some of the services provided by the Career Services Department include, but are not limited to: Personal Placement Counseling, National Contact Lists of Employers, Salary Guides, Follow-Up Surveys, Graduate Industry Portfolio Reviews, and Mentor Assignments. Students may seek counsel of this department as long as they are enrolled in good standing and/or have completed all requirements of their educational program. The Creative Circus does not promise employment and can not be held responsible if a student fails to find gainful employment.