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Our Creative Campus

The Building

Conveniently located in the heart of Atlanta, Georgia between the neighborhoods of Midtown and Buckhead, our building is a colorful converted warehouse. The walls are covered in student work, nurturing a creative and collaborative environment.


In addition to being a dog-friendly environment (with a doggie day care across the street), the school has an outdoor deck and picnic tables in front of the building. Parking is on our own property with some covered spaces available.


There is a ventilated spray mount area, a student cafeteria with booths, refrigerator, microwave, and vending machines, and seven restrooms. Concepting and lounging areas are located throughout the school. We have a small library stocked with the latest industry publications.


There are officially two gallery exhibit areas, but really the entire school is used as a showcase for student and graduate work.


A wide range of concentrations and subject matter demands a wide range of classroom formats, so we have studios, labs, workshops, stages, and traditional classrooms of various sizes to suit our needs.


Our four dedicated computer labs are equipped with over fifty 27″ iMacs with i7 and i5 processors. Students have access to the latest versions of Adobe Creative Cloud Suite in all of the labs. Each lab is also equipped with high definition projection systems for instructors. The entire campus is wireless for access by student laptops and mobile devices so you can concept & work anywhere your heart desires.


We have one black and white printer and one production-level quality color printer for student use.

Student Shows & Competitions

Throughout the year, students at The Creative Circus will have opportunities to enter a variety of student shows to earn recognition and awards for their hard work. These awards are an excellent opportunity to show the industry your work even before you graduate. In addition, the winning pieces get featured on The Circus website and on our social media outlets. Free PR!



Our photography studios include a large daylight studio, several dark studios, a cyclorama wall, and green screen capability. These studios aren’t just for Photography students either– Designers and Art Directors do a lot of photography too. Students who have completed a basic lighting class may check out photo equipment for use at our discretion.

Friday Forum

The Creative Circus Forum speakers are some of the most talented Photographers, Creative Directors, Designers, Writers, Producers, Musicians, & creatives in the industry. The Forum is held Fridays at 1:30PM in the theatre. Check out our calendar to see who we have coming up. These events are open to the public (mandatory for students, of course) so if you’re in the neighborhood, come by & enjoy what our Forum speakers have to say!

Furry Friends

The school is a dog-friendly environment (if your dog is school-friendly). Dogs are allowed on premises (this means inside and outside the school building) with some necessary limitations. Upon approval, students are allowed to bring their dog to The Creative Circus. All dogs and owners must abide by the “Three Bark Rule”​. Failure to abide by any of these rules will result in Rover being expelled from The Circus.

What else?

We have a theatre for guest speakers and larger classes, and two gallery exhibit areas. Most of the wall space in the school is used to showcase student work. The school has an outdoor deck and picnic area. We have a small library well stocked with industry publications.

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