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Get to Know the Incoming Class – 2017

Orientation Summer 2017

The June 2017 Orientation just wrapped up – it’s time to get to know the new Creative Circus students!

They are from all over the US, have lived all over the world, and are increasingly multicultural. One student has lived in Japan while studying Japanese. One student was born in Trinidad. Another student was hit by a motorcycle in London while on a long-term Europe trip. Other students have grown up or lived in Alabama, Nevada, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina, Indiana, Missouri, Florida, Texas and Michigan.

The class is 52% Female & 48% Male.

Before coming to The Creative Circus –  just a few previous professions:

Before attending the Circus – Students Attended:

Georgia Perimeter
Kennesw State
Illinois Institue of Art
Iowa State
Fordham University
UT San Marcos
Millsaps College
GA Tech
GA State
Boston College
Full Sail University
Atlanta Technical
Coastal Carolina
UNC at Chapel Hill
West Virginia University
San Francisco Art

Interesting Facts

One student is currently a personal assistant to a sushi restaurant owner.

One student was locked in an Old Navy overnight (spoiler alert: she eventually got out).

One student spent all her grocery money on laundry detergent during a stint as an extreme couponer -the addiction is real.

One student was filming a video at the Boston marathon bombing.

One student grew up on a ship as an army brat.

One student was either going to attend The Circus or go to law school.

One student was voluntarily hit by a car at the age of 16, after watching Jackass 3D, when trying to impress a girl.

One student has never lived in an apartment longer than one year.

Two students despise chocolate and one student absolutely loves chocolate.

One student is taking just one class this semester (before starting full time in the fall) just to be able to take Sylvia’s class, before she retires after this quarter.

And finally one student lives near a Kroger (he’s new to town).

Overall, the newest class is community-oriented, loves to travel and is musical driven. Above all else, they bring that special something—the creativity and drive for greatness— that will shape their Circus experience over the next two years.

What drove you to attend The Creative Circus?


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