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Fall 2019 Advisory Board

Atlanta, Georgia

We’re happy to announce the members of our Fall 2019 Advisory Board & Forum speakers for Friday, October 25th. Our semi-annual advisory board members are a select group of industry professionals who meet with The Circus to discuss industry trends, changes, & provide vital feedback to keep us as up to date as possible. We’re honored to have them speak this Friday for our next installment of #CircusForum at 1:30pm.

  1. Zach Canfield – Associate Partner, Director of Talent at Goodby Silverstein & Partners
  2. Rafi Kugler – Director of Recruiting at barrettSF & Freelance Recruiter
  3. Tyler DeBoard – Associate Director, Talent Acquisition at GSD&M
  4. Candace Keene – Senior Recruiter at REI
  5. Meg Houseman – Recruiter at Mother New York
  6. Hana Sato Thomas – SVP, Creative Talent Director at Edelman
  7. Lionel Carreon – Global Director, Creative Recruiting at R/GA
  8. Shannon Moorman – Vice President, Global Creative Talent at WPP
  9. Natalie Nowak – Director of Recruiting at Barkley
  10. Lindsey Oglesby – Recruiting Manager at Anomaly
  11. Noel Cottrell – Chief Creative Officer at Fitzco
  12. Debbie Bougdanos – EVP/Director of Talent Acquisition at Leo Burnett
  13. Sue Gillan – Chief Talent Officer at O’Keefe Reinhard & Paul
  14. Hollis Callas – Senior Designer at Turner Duckworth
  15. Kevin Swanepoel – CEO at The One Club for Creativity
  16. Matt Rollins – Executive Creative Director at Adrenaline Agency

The Creative Circus Staff:

  1. Dave Haan– Executive Director
  2. Janie Belden– Director of Education
  3. Hannah Heller– Director of Career Services
  4. Alissa Funk– Career Services Advisor
  5. Carolann Robinson– Director of Admissions
  6. Jaye Liptak – Admissions Representative
  7. Kimberly Bianco– Marketing Manager
  8. Brooks Jones – Facilities & Technology Manager
  9. Greg Strelecki– Department Head Image
  10. Jen Mageau– Department Head of Art Direction
  11. Chris Silich– Department Head of Interactive
  12. Ron Moore– Department Head of Design
  13. Dan Balser– Department Head of Advertising
  14. Paul Korel – Senior Copywriting Advisor
  15. Christopher Knowles – Department Co-Head of Design


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