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#InTheNews Ad Agency Preacher & The Container Store

Creative Circus Alumni Stacie Larsen & Mark Donnelly

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Agency: Preacher
Client: The Container Store

Stacie Larsen – Art Director at Preacher
Creative Circus Alumna – Art Direction (2017)

Mark Donnelly – Copywriter at Preacher
Creative Circus Alumnus – Copywriting (2016)

The Container Store is, er, “celebrating” the chaos of clutter in a new brand campaign from Austin-based Preacher. Four new commercials feature in the campaign, with a space-themed opening in each to set up the premise, and hit three relatable pain points: garages, kitchens and bedrooms, with a light touch and humor that definitely hits home.

Besides the TV work launching on national cable, the campaign includes more online video, out-of-home, radio and in-store signage.

The Container Store’s Quest to Help You Find More Room Reveals Space Oddities

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