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#InTheNews Shutterstock & FYRE Festival

Creative Circus Alumni Paul Fix & Chris Martin

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Paul Fix – Creative Director at DiMassimo Goldstein
Creative Circus Alumnus – Art Direction

Chris Martin – ACD at DiMassimo Goldstein
Creative Circus Alumnus – Art Direction

Agency: DiMassimo Goldstein
Client: Shutterstock

In many ways, the Fyre Festival disaster still feels like a collective fever dream. Were scores of Instagram influencers really stranded on an island with little more than cheese sandwiches and their unmitigated rage?

The thought didn’t escape Shutterstock. With a little help from NYC agency DiMassimo Goldstein and pulling from its own massive library of clips, imagery and music, Shutterstock took on the challenge of reimagining the now legendary and notorious promotional video of a certain “overhyped festival,” cute island pigs and all.

“After watching the Fyre documentary and getting a better understanding of what it took to create the first trailer, we knew we could create the same thing much cheaper and from our desks,” says Shutterstock CMO Lou Weiss, “so we decided to have some fun and do it.”

The most impressive part? The entire spot was rendered in less than a day for less than $2,100, a tiny fraction of what Billy McFarland and his cohorts spent to advertise an event that never really happened.


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