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#InTheNews Kervins Chauvet

Wieden + Kennedy Portland & Procter and Gamble

November 2, 2017

Kervins Chauvet who worked on the Nike Equality campaign has struck again.

Client: Procter and Gamble
Agency: Wieden + Kennedy Portland

Kervins Chauvet – Copywriting Alum (2014)
Copywriter at Wieden + Kennedy

No one loves like Mom, Procter & Gamble declares with its newest spot, “#LoveOverBias.”

The spot, made by Wieden + Kennedy, is tied to the 2018 Winter Olympics. It also comes shortly after P&G’s celebrated spot “The Talk” and its larger “Black is Beautiful” campaign. Kudos to P&G for supporting inclusion in a particularly tenuous political climate.

P&G Breathes New Life Into ‘Thank You, Mom’ Ahead of Another Olympics

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