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Sarah Latz

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Sarah Latz – Senior Copywriter at FCB Chicago
Creative Circus Alumna – Copywriting (2011)

Sarah Latz, senior copywriter at Chicago advertising agency FCB, chose to break the mold when she challenged her employer to choose a parent as this year’s Cannes correspondent. They rose to the challenge, and sent Sarah and her son Henry to Cannes as FCB’s first working parent correspondent.

Having kids shouldn’t hold parents back. So many women are leaving advertising once they have families because the work is sometimes unnecessarily demanding. With just a little acceptance and support from managers and policy makers we could integrate our family lives into our work lives. That idea sparked #ParentsCannesToo. I turned my entry video into a challenge to FCB to support working parents, and send both Henry and me to Cannes. Not only did they say yes, but they’ve committed to sending a working parent correspondent to Cannes every year in the future — it’s so uplifting to be part of change.


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