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If you’re in the art direction or copywriting disciplines, then you’ve probably had a chance to hear Dan Balser’s stories and advice of how one can make it as a creative in the advertising industry. If you’re involved in another program of study, and have yet to spend an academic quarter with Dan, you can still be privy to his wise teachings (and wisecracks).

Don't Get Me Started: A Podcast About Advertising. Hosted by Dan Balser, Advertising Department Head at The Creative CircusRecently, Dan was published in The Get A Job Workshop, a book with expert advice from advertising, branding, collateral, digital and experiential marketing professionals. Dan’s feature is titled, “Create Yourself” and details the first time he really, truly followed through with one of his ideas to bring it to fruition.

What exactly was that landmark idea? His podcast, “Don’t Get Me Started”.  Published every other week, this podcast features Dan in a sit-down interview with industry professionals. When you tune in, you’ll notice many of the interviewees happen to be past speakers at our Friday Forums.

Episode 143 of “Don’t Get Me Started” features Miller Jones of Energy BBDO. Take a listen to the podcast and subscribe for email updates to inform you when the next podcast will surface.

UPDATE: “The Get A Job Workshop” is out now. To read Dan’s feature, you can purchase a copy on Amazon today. 

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