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Circus Alumni Super Bowl Commercials 2019 – SimpliSafe

Agency: Preacher

#CircusAlumSuperBowlAds Every year The Super Bowl features ads from Circus Alumni & this year some of the top Super Bowl Ads were done by Creative Circus Alumni!

simplisafe 2019

Client: SimpliSafe
Agency: Preacher

This is a first look at what’s to come from SimpliSafe and creative agency, Preacher, in both companies’ inaugural 30-second Super Bowl commercial.

SimpliSafe’s new Super Bowl ad teaser pokes fun at a well-known neighborhood type: the social media fear-monger.

Stacie Larsen – Art Director at Preacher
Currently: Art Director at Zambezi

Creative Circus Alum – Art Direction (2017)

60 Second Spot:

30 Second Spot:


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