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Mick Winters, Creative Director at Threespot, Will Speak at The Circus Forum

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From Rock Promoter to Intern to Adjunct Professor at The Circus to Gallery Owner to Creative Director at Threespot and quite a few milestones in between, Mick Winters will have quite a story to tell come this Friday’s forum.Mick Winters Creative Director at Threepost

Design, specifically in regards to UX, is his strength and, as he puts it, his “true calling.” As Creative Director at Threespot, a digital engagement agency based out of Washington, D.C., Mick works primarily to translate clients’ business goals and user needs into a clear, compelling direction that guides the creative solutions crafted by his team. His clients include the Smithsonian Institute, International Monetary Fund, and Advisory Board.

The myriad titles he’s held throughout his career only gives a glimpse into the knowledge and insight with which Winters brings to the table – or in this case, the podium.

Mick Winters will be speaking this Friday, October 19th, in the Carol Vick Bynum Theatre starting at 1:30PM.

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