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Transfer of Credit & Advanced Standing


Previous educational experiences are recognized through examinations of skill and subject matter and/or evaluation of transcripts. This may result in a change of program completion times. No more than 75 percent of the total quarter hours of credit, including 75 percent of the total required hours in the major study area, may be credited by advanced standing. No transfer credits will be allowed for courses designated as foundations. Transfer of credit for English and/or mathematics classes must be substantiated by placement test scores. All transfer, standardized testing, and proficiency testing must be completed prior to the end of the first term of attendance.



Credits earned at another accredited postsecondary institution will be assessed to determine which credits, if any, are applicable to the program in which the student is enrolling. The student must have earned a grade of C or better and an official transcript must be received from the previously attended institution. The course(s) must be comparable in level and content to subjects in the student‘s program at the College. Credits earned seven or more years prior to enrollment will be evaluated on a course by course basis. Skills classes in which technology may have changed significantly in a short period of time may require additional testing as part of the credit evaluation. Classes taken at institutions operating on a quarter system will be evaluated as direct equivalent credits. Those transferred from institutions operating on a semester basis are multiplied by one and one-half to convert them to quarter credit hours. Fractional portions will be dropped. All transfers must be completed by the end of the first term of attendance.

We currently have no Articulation Agreements with other universities.

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