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Exit Counseling Information

Exit Counseling Information

Federal regulations require student borrowers who obtain federal education loans to participate in exit counseling whenever they leave school or fall below half-time attendance.  The purpose of exit counseling is to ensure that borrowers are fully aware of their loan debt and repayment obligations.


The exit counseling information that the school provides includes, but is not limited to, a sample loan repayment schedule, an Interest rate guide, and loan repayment information (includes repayment amount, repayment term, interest rate and payment due date).  Also provided is information on the borrower’s rights and responsibilities, deferment, forbearance, loan forgiveness/cancellation/discharge, loan consolidation, repayment plans, and debt management strategies and default aversion.


The exit counseling information that the school collects includes current address and contact information, as well as three separate references with different U.S. addresses.


The school requests that each borrower complete their loan exit counseling online. The school also offers in-person exit counseling when needed.  Exit counseling is designed to prepare students for loan repayment. The online exit counseling session will help you assess current spending habits, set financial goals for the future, and learn how to make affordable student loan payments fit into your monthly budget. exit counseling can be completed by going to http://www.nslds.ed.gov and selecting “Exit Counseling.”


You may contact the Financial Aid Department with questions regarding exit counseling.

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