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Cost & Resources

Your education is an important investment and our Financial Aid Department is committed to assisting students in preparing for that investment. We are accredited as a post-secondary occupational institution by the Council of Occupational Education (C.O.E.), a national accrediting agency. In addition to ensuring that our courses meet proper state regulations, our accreditation allows The Creative Circus students to apply for Title IV federal financial aid. Because we are an accredited institution, The Creative Circus offers a variety of financial aid opportunities that may include the following to qualified recipients:

For more information on these financial aid programs, contact our Financial Services Director, Candice Smith. Upon acceptance to the Creative Circus, financial aid is available to qualified students.

The following cost is effective May 20, 2013. Enrolling students have the benefit of our tuition lock-in policy to help them budget tuition costs. As long as an enrolled student does not defer or cancel and remains enrolled in good academic standing as a continuous, full-time student, he or she will not incur a tuition increase while enrolled in school.

Application Fee

A $100 one-time, non-refundable fee is due at the time of application.

Tuition Fees

$465 Tuition per credit hour
$1875.50 Tuition per month (full-time)
$5626.50 Tuition per quarter (12.1 credit hours)

$45,012.00 Total Program Cost for the full 2 years (8 quarters)

Lab Fee

$125 quarterly fee

Books & Supplies

$200-$800 quarterly supply costs vary by program, class, and project.


The Creative Circus does not provide student housing, but we do offer services to help you find an apartment and/or roommates.


The following resources may be available. Please contact our Financial Services Department for specific qualifications and amounts.




*Students qualify for financial aid based on a 3 quarter academic year although our students attend 4 quarters per year.  Our full-time program is 2.67 academic years or two full calendar years.  For comparison purposes, most schools list tuition based on academic year because students don’t attend school in the summer. But we do!

The cost of higher education and limited financial resources are making headlines all over the media. With The Creative Circus Net Price Calculator, we can show you how affordable The Creative Circus can be.

The Calculator will take approximately eight minutes to complete.

To help you complete this process, it would be helpful to have the following items on hand:

If you don’t have this information available, estimates are perfectly acceptable and recommended.

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