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Friday Forum – Turner Duckworth

Hollis Callas - Designer ​at Turner Duckworth

#CircusForum The Creative Circus hosts special guests every Friday as part of our Friday Forum Series.

Hollis Griffith Callas – Designer at Turner Duckworth
Creative Circus Alumna – Design (2016)

Friday, May 17th at 1:30 PM

Hollis is a designer currently working alongside the team at Turner Duckworth to create visual brand identities for a broad range of the world’s leading brands.

Turner Duckworth has always championed the unmistakable in defiance of the normal and the predictable. This obsession inspired their guiding principle, Love the Unmistakable™. Their work is simple, playful and inherently social. They strive to ensure that even a glimpse of advertising, product or packaging cannot be anything but the brand. Cutting through the noise and placing brands top of mind across media and culture.

These events are open to the public (mandatory for students, of course) so if you’re in the neighborhood, come by and enjoy what Hollis has to say!

Guests, check in at the front desk.

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