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TAXI’s CBO Visits The Circus

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Longtime friend of The Circus, Steve Mykolyn, will be here this Friday, January 24th at 1:30PM to strut his stuff across the Carol Vick Bynum Theatre stage for the second installment of the Winter Quarter #CircusForum. Steve is currently the Chief Brand Officer at TAXI.

Steve’s relationship with The Circus has been a long-standing and exciting one. Steve sits on The Creative Circus National Advisory Board and has been a featured guest on Advertising Department Head Dan Balser‘s podcast series Don’t Get Me Started.

TAXI operates on the philosophy that “a small team of bright people, about as many as can fit into a cab, should drive every piece of business”. Their clients include Canadian Tire, Adidas Canada, Hockey Hall of Fame, Snuggle and Kraft Dinner.

A writer, designer, filmmaker, and advertiser, Steve’s talents are comprehensive and wide reaching. As clients demand a more holistic approach, he provides an exceptional – and truly unique – media-agnostic, 360° perspective.

He joined TAXI in 2001 as Creative Director of Interactive and Design. Always looking forward, he focused on developing the integration model at TAXI in anticipation of massive changes to the communications industry. Today, TAXI is recognized globally for its ability to seamlessly combine advertising, interactive, and design under one roof. In his current role as Chief Brand Officer, Steve is responsible for overseeing the TAXI brand, with an emphasis on thought leadership as it pertains to the industry.

Steve’s passion for words and images has also come to life in books and film. He wrote and directed El Dia La Noche Y Los Muertos, an award-winning documentary about Mexico’s Day of the Dead Festival. Steve’s books include Amusing World for photographer Russell Monk, which he wrote and designed, as well as Metal Leather Flesh, an exploration of motorcycle culture. In 2008, he was co-curator of the Canadian Pavilion at the Venice Biennale for Architecture.

Steve Mykolyn will take the stage in the

Carol Vick Bynum Theatre this Friday, January 24th, at 1:30PM.

Follow @creative_circus on Twitter and search #CircusForum to follow the live-tweeting of the event.


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