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Forum: Vince Voron, AVP, Coca-Cola

Vince Voron is Associate Vice President leading Coca-Cola’s integrated marketing strategic design team. Responsible for the graphics, retail and industrial design vision for North America, his work spans design from conception through commercialization. His responsibilities include creating innovative and alluring communication touchpoints with the greatest number of consumer interactions per day: Millions and millions —including packaging, coolers, digital retail interfaces and vending machines (many of them interactive and complete with innovative media). While head of Industrial Design for Coca-Cola’s corporate division he led the form and user interface design for the Coca-Cola Freestyle fountain platform. He also developed the first global 3D visual identity system for proprietary Coca-Cola equipment and packaging.

Before joining Coca-Cola in 2006, Voron was senior industrial design manager at Apple. During his 16 years there, he developed and led the human factors and color teams responsible for iMacs, PowerBooks, iPods and the iPhone. In addition, he held various leadership roles at Apple offices in Singapore, Ireland and Paris. His background includes a Bachelor Degree in Electrical Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, an MBA from the University of California San Jose and a Masters in Human Ecology Design from the Universite René Descartes in Paris.

In addition to serving on the Advisory Board for the Center for Brand and Product Management at the University of Wisconsin Madison he is also a frequent lecturer at the Georgia Institute of Technology.

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