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Forum Video: David Baldwin, Founder @ Baldwin&, NC

David Baldwin, Founder of Baldwin& shares his advice on how to get snatched up right away when entering the industry, how constraints make you more creative and advice to those just starting out.

David Baldwin / Lead Guitar at Baldwin&

One of the most awarded copywriters and creative directors in the advertising business today, David Baldwin is the founder of Baldwin& which was named Ad Age’s Small Agency of the Year after only three years in business and the Four A’s O’Toole Award for best body of work from a small agency after only five years.

The former Chairman of the One Club in NYC, David was also an executive producer for the Emmy winning film, Art & Copy, and an associate producer for the Emmy and Peabody Award winning film The Loving Story, and a guitarist/songwriter for the band Pants whose CD, “Twice the snake you need” can be found on iTunes or Amazon.com. His work and writings have been featured in numerous publications and college textbooks on advertising.

David is also the co-founder of the Ponysaurus Brewing Co., a nano-brewery in Durham, NC.

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