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#CircusForum Ashley Milhollin & Kate Lewkowicz | Zambezi

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#CircusForum The Creative Circus hosts special guests every Friday in the Carol Vick Bynum Theater as part of our Friday Forum Series. Special guests include top industry professionals from Ad Agencies, Design Shops, & Top Companies, Circus Alumni & more! 

We’re happy to share that Ashley Milhollin, Senior Copywriter at Zambezi/LA, and Kate Lewkowicz, Junior Art Director atZambezi/LA , will be speaking on August 4th at The Creative Circus.

Ashley “Mil” Milhollin, Senior Copywriter |Zambezi/LA
Creative Circus Alumnus – Copywriting (2014)

Born in California, raised in the South. Ashley Milhollin went to Alabama for undergrad and UT-Austin for grad school before running away to join the Circus. She’s never looked back.

After graduating in December 2014, she freelanced in Seattle at Wexley School for Girls and then took a full-time job in LA at Deutsch. She is now a Senior Copywriter at Zambezi. (Also in LA.)

Some of the brands she has worked on include: Taco Bell, Target + Star Wars, Sprint, Nintendo, Angel Soft toilet paper (yes, really). She is currently working on launching a brand new 360 campaign for Autotrader.

She likes fast cars, strong coffee, stronger bourbon, and big dogs.

She still thinks Atlanta is the best city on Earth and highly recommends that everyone goes to the Clermont at least once.

Roll tide.

Kate Lewkowicz, Junior Art Director | Zambezi/LA
Creative Circus Alumnus – Graphic Design (2016)

Kate Lewkowicz came to the Creative Circus with a French degree and left with a love for cut paper, a thicker skin, and a career path.

She graduated from the Creative Circus, where she was a design student, in September 2016. She uprooted her life on the east coast and moved to LA to join the ranks of Zambezi as a junior art director.

Currently, she works on the TaylorMade Golf account.

She likes coffee, farmers’ markets, coffee, traveling, coffee, Micron pens, and coffee.

About Zambezi:

Founded in 2006, Zambezi is headquartered in Culver City, California. Their employees, are as diverse as they are talented. They fill their agency with experts from a variety of backgrounds so that they can transcend traditional agency thinking. They are an open, collaborative and passionate group.

Check out their work here:

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Ashley Milhollin &  Kate Lewkowicz of Zambezi will take the stage in the Carol Vick Bynum Theatre this Friday, August 4th, at 1:30PM. Follow @creative_circus on Twitter and search the hashtag #CircusForum to follow the live-tweeting of the event.

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