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Circus Forum: Kyle Lewis of The Morrison Agency

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The last few weeks before 24-hour period are here, which means Circus Forum for the spring quarter will be coming to a close soon. But don’t worry; we’ve got great speakers planned before the quarter is up.

For the second-to-last Circus Forum of spring 2013, Kyle Lewis of The Morrison Agency has agreed to be our speaker for tomorrow. From his art directing days in Los Angeles to BBDO to his becoming SVP/Chief Creative Officer at The Morrison Agency, Kyle has over 20 years of experience in the advertising industry.

Take a look at Kyle’s bio below, as written in his own words:

Starting as an art director in Los Angeles, I chased opportunity to Atlanta in 93, landing a coveted job at BBDO. It was one of the most celebrated ad agencies in the world, and continues to be. I’ll resist the temptation to take full credit. Lets just say, I’ve always liked their style and the feeling was mutual. Throughout my 16-year rise through the ranks, I’ve employed many a talented person, but perhaps just as importantly, three simple principles. Do good work. Be a good person. And never stop trying to reach the goals of my clients, bosses and cohorts. I believe my ascent to GCD in 98, and ECD in 08, are validation of my personal approach.

By mid 2011, I had more ideas than opportunities and it was time for the next big thing. When I joined Modea, it was a project-based digital agency eager to expand it’s impact on the brands it serviced and establish AOR relationships. They hired me to help transform the organization from a website company to a fully integrated, 360 ad agency. In the first few months, I introduced procedures and discipline to the concepting process helping all departments adapt to making brand ideas and campaigns. Modea had never done this before. The creatives were execution-focused digital designers and writers with little experience in brand concepting or traditional media. Technology, media and analytics were not integrated into the creative process. I coached them in making print and television while some pretty amazing strategists, technologists, UX and UI designers, analytics and PMP geniuses helped me get fully immersed into truly integrated digital brand experiences. By helping a digital agency become integrated, I learned how a traditional agency can diminish the pain and pitfalls of incorporating digital. Having the ability to get departments working together to deliver brand experiences across all channels is the next big thing for me.


Kyle Lewis of The Morrison Agency will take the stage in the Carol Vick Bynum Theatre this Friday, May 31st at 1:30PM.

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