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Career Services

The Creative Circus places a great deal of emphasis on graduates getting paid to do what they learned to do in school. The Circus offers assistance to graduates seeking employment opportunities. In addition to working with recent graduates, our Career Services department plans Portfolio Reviews, schedules our Circus Forums, forges and maintains important industry contacts, and helps to keep our illustrious alumni connected. These are just some of the reasons our reputation in creative industries is unparalleled & why we consistently have a placement rate of over 90%.


The Creative Circus offers assistance to graduates seeking employment opportunities. Some of the services provided by the Career Services Department include, but are not limited to: Personal Placement Counseling, National Contact Lists of Employers, Salary Guides, Follow-Up Surveys, Graduate Industry Portfolio Reviews, and Mentor Assignments. Students may seek counsel of this department as long as they are enrolled in good standing and/or have completed all requirements of their educational program.
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Placement Requirementsgradbooks

The Grad Handbook, received by all graduate quarter students, contains all of the requirements for graduation as well as a list of items to be generated for a job search. Advance copies of this handbook can be obtained from the Department Heads or the Career Services Director. Meeting with the Career Services Director, prior to graduation for a graduate exit interview, is required. Students must be active, pro-active and responsive when the school’s Career Services Office requests job search materials. Placement assistance is only available to Circus graduates. “Completers” will not be able to utilize the assistance of the Career Services Department, unless and until their portfolio has been deemed graduation worthy. Maintaining a close communication with the Career Services Department regarding employment updates is essential to the continuing success of the Circus placement efforts.


In today’s creative industries, the word “internship” can mean a lot of things. Many agencies often hire creatives for a probationary period and refer to it as an “internship”. They generally last 6-9 weeks and often result in full-time job placement with full benefits. These are paid positions, and if the opportunity is right for the student, we encourage these opportunities. We have worked with a wide range of national agencies on paid internship programs. The school is also associated with many  agencies and design firms that offer part-time jobs. These paying part-time jobs are also often referred to as “internships.” The school does not supervise or coordinate these part-time positions, but we do recommend that students work less than 20 hours per week in order to complete both school work and agency work in a professional manner. The school and our students do not participate in unpaid internships.


Building a great portfolio takes more than just hard work, dedicated instructors and talent. It often takes honest input from pros in the business. Through a program we not-so-creatively dubbed the Mentorship Program, Creative Circus students have the opportunity to tap into the network of working Circus alumni and other industry pros to form relationships with the very pros they hope to be working with one day. In the students’ second year, they choose a mentor from their discipline who is working in one of the top creative shops in the country. Students communicate with their mentors to build relationships. The mentors critique the work, offer suggestions for improvement and often give career advice before the students’ careers even begin. Our students have benefited tremendously from this program, which allows them to take advantage of great talent all over the U.S. while they remain focused on their portfolios here in Atlanta.

Portfolio Review

The next portfolio review will be held virtually this September. We know our Circus grads have killer portfolios- now you’ll get to see them. Twice a year, The Creative Circus hosts portfolio reviews in major market cities where recent grads can show their stuff to creative directors and recruiters from some of the best advertising agencies and design firms. 

Contact Career Services

Please contact us for more information on how we can fill the needs of the creative industry.
Carol Vick
Career Services Director
Direct: 404-477-6710
Email: carol.vick@creativecircus.edu

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