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Virtual Circus Forum – Thrasio

Lauren Goldsmith - Associate Creative Director at Thrasio

#CircusForum The Creative Circus hosts special guests every Friday as part of our Friday Forum Series.

Friday, May 21st at 1:30 PM

Lauren Goldsmith Artwork

Lauren Goldsmith– Associate Creative Director at Thrasio
Creative Circus Alum – Art Direction (2014)

Lauren is currently an ACD for Thrasio, a company that acquires third-party vendors for Amazon then takes those brands, evaluates them, and addresses their creative needs accordingly.

Lauren is self-described as a little bowl of Louisiana gumbo. Gumbo is often used as a metaphor for the mix of cultures that exist in southern Louisiana that have influenced each other and melded together to create new traditions and cuisine. Beyond my New Orleans roots, I am a mixed bag of tricks with a little bit of everything, along with a vast range of experiences that have influenced the creative I am today. Plus, I’m also a little spicy.

She has over 18 years of experience in the industry – from a strategic thinking/marketing background, to directing photoshoots and video editing, to interactive design and multimedia development, to large format and speciality printing with POP, to packaging, to e-commerce, and everything in between.

Conceptual thinker. Designer. Front-end coder. Interactive minded. Motion graphics wizard. Call her what you want, SHE’S A BADASS!

Guests, to RSVP, please email Hannah Heller (hannah.heller@creativecircus.edu) by Friday morning. Students – no need to RSVP.

After you RSVP, Hannah will email you the link. This virtual forum is open to the public (mandatory for students, of course).

Artwork by: Sabrina Cavanagh

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