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Kelley Conner Lear

Interim Copywriting Program Director

We are excited to announce Kelley Conner Lear as the Circus’ Interim Copywriting Program Director.

Kelley Conner Lear is a creative director and chameleon — part art director, part copywriter and one hundred percent defender, cheerleader and chaperone of great work.

After a brief stint in Atlanta as a print and broadcast production manager, she soon decided she’d rather be making work and left to study art direction at the Portfolio Center before freelancing in San Francisco, Chicago and New York.

Her award-winning work spans twenty years in advertising, marketing, brand development and design for globally-recognized agencies like The Martin Agency, McGarry Bowen, 22 Squared and McCann as well as new product development for the quirky lifestyle brand, BlueQ. Over her career Kelley has worked on some of the most recognized brands in the world including Walmart, Tylenol, Discover Card, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Kraft Foods and Toblerone. On the flip side, she’s actually been paid to name products for BlueQ like No Shit Sherlock, I Identify As A Badass and Have You Tried Cheese?

In addition to her day job, she’s mentored some of the best and brightest in the industry as an instructor at The Creative Circus, Brand Center and Miami Ad School. Kelley’s work has also been recognized in the One Show, Communication Arts, Archive and Print.

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