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Help Circus alum raise $$ for inventive, new cell phone battery share product

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New York, New York:  David Ma and Nick Schmidt left The Creative Circus early to work at Droga5 in NYC. It was during their time there, the two came up with an idea of a charger that could share battery power between smartphones one day at brunch. At the time, all they had was a napkin sketch and a catchy name. Over the next couple years, the two spent their nights and weekends meeting with engineers, product designers and prototypers to bring The Juicer from a fun concept to a working prototype.


Developing this product has really become a second job for Nick and I. But luckily coming from an advertising background we were fortunate enough to have a great network of people both from our time at the Circus and at different agencies we’ve worked at who have been behind us the whole way.”

As two ad creatives, the team soon realized they would need the help of experts in areas they weren’t as proficient in. Nick tells us “We didn’t know much about entrepreneurship except for the people we saw on Shark Tank. It was actually at a hackathon where I met the founders of an organization called MakeSimply, who would eventually become our business advisors, educating us on the process of product design, prototyping, and manufacturing.”

After securing their overseas manufacturing contacts, rigorously testing and redesigning the Juicer to maximize charging speed and usability, they were finally ready to debut the Juicer to the world.

The duo turned to the popular fundraising platform IndieGoGo to raise the funds they would need to make their first manufacturing run. So far the campaign has raised over $5,000 since it launched a day ago.

“We’re incredibly proud of what we’ve created and excited we can finally share that vision with our friends, family and colleagues. It’s our dream to make The Juicer a brand so we can continue to innovate, making more ideas we have scribbled on diner napkins.”

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