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Graduation & Fall Portfolio Review

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Atlanta, GA: As the Georgia summer starts to disappear & we all look for a cool breeze & changing leaves, this time of year is a transition period for more than just the seasons.  September graduation marks the exit of what is typically the Circus’ largest group of students.  They came. They conquered. And now they’re looking to land that first gig.  They’ll be scattered across the country & no longer situated in our incubator of a school, but we’ll be following them through out their careers & highlighting their achievements along the way.  We’re always so proud of our graduates. Be sure to view their finished portfolios!

You can also meet them in the flesh at our Fall Portfolio Review, Thursday & Friday, September 25th-26th. RSVP to megan.houseman@creativecircus.edu to recruit at this event.

Creative Circus

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