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Friday Forum – Ranch Rider Spirits

Sean Curran - Vice President of Creative & Marketing at Ranch Rider Spirits


#CircusForum The Creative Circus hosts special guests every Friday as part of our Friday Forum Series. Due to COVID-19, we transitioned to virtual forum events. However, this will be an in-person event.

Friday, May 28th at 1:30 PM

Sean Curran Friday Forum Poster

Sean Curran – Vice President of Creative & Marketing  at Ranch Rider Spirits

Sean Curran is an award-winning Vice President of Creative & Marketing best known for his work with the Kings of Leon, Jameson Whiskey, and most recently, Ranch Rider Spirits — the fastest growing start-up in alcohol.

Currently based in Austin, Texas, Sean has deep-seated experience on the agency side, spending time as an Art Director & Creative Director at the likes of Victors & Spoils, Night After Night, Movement Strategy, CP+B, Bakery, Fact & Fiction, and Fortnight Collective.

At the top of 2020, Sean made the leap to the brand side after meeting Brian Murphy & Quentin Cantu, Co-Founders of Ranch Rider Spirits, who were in need of someone to build and run marketing for their at the time 3-month-old RTD start-up. Together, they have taken Ranch Rider to the top; being named Drizly’s #2 best-selling canned cocktail nationwide, and Nielsen’s #1 fastest-selling canned cocktail nationwide.

These events are open to the public (mandatory for students, of course). If you would like to attend as a guest, email Hannah Heller (hannah.heller@creativecircus.edu) by Friday morning. Students – no need to RSVP.

Guests, check-in at the front desk. Masks are required.

Artwork by:  Claire Graveline

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