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Copywriting at The Creative Circus, an Inside Look

Two Creative Circus copywriting students and an alumnus log into a Zoom...

In this session, we will talk with two current Creative Circus Copywriting students and one recent Creative Circus alumnus to get their perspectives on:

Creative Circus Copywriting Alumnus:

Aaron Marshall – Junior Copywriter at BBDO New York

Creative Circus Alum – Copywriting (September 2020)

Creative Circus Current Copywriting Students:

Laura Schear & Steven Abadin

About The Creative Circus:

The Creative Circus is unlike any school you’ve experienced before. More a subset of the communications arts industry than academia, The Creative Circus has prepared some of the world’s best working creative talent. Founded in 1995 in Atlanta, Georgia, The Creative Circus is an accredited, two-year, portfolio-building, educational program for the creative side of the Advertising, Graphic Design, Creative Technology and Content Creation. Located in an energetic, converted warehouse that feels more like an agency, design firm or studio than a traditional school, future creatives build portfolios that help them land the best jobs in the field.

December 8th at 11 AM
Virtual Zoom Meeting


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