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Best of Student Show Winners

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Atlanta, GA:   On November 21st, the winners of our semi- annual Creative Circus Student Show were announced to the student body. Now, they’re available to the public as well. Below you can view the entries that walked away with the top prizes at the latest show, but all entries are available for viewing on the Student Show.

Best of Show: Bic! Bright Lighter

Art Director: Saleh El Ghatit
Copywriter: Zackary Johnson
Photographer: Iris Ray
Director: Dan Depew


Best Design: ‘The Change’ Deathmatch Poster

Designer: Brittany Tooker

Design SchoolDesign School


Best Interactive: ‘Into the Woods’ promotional website

Interactive Designer: Courtney Perets
Interactive Developer: Amanda Muir

Additional Student Credits:
Josiah Hoeflinger (CW, 8th)
Ingrid Sibley (AD, 7th)

Concept: The website utilizes Facebook location and names to tailor questions for the user- to see just how far they would go to make their wish come true. Visit the site yourself.

Ad school Ad School


Best Image: Bell at For San Cristobal, Puerto Rico

Photographer: Martine Schmidt

Photo school

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