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4A’s Partners with Circus for the Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies Class of 2015

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4A'sFor the second year in a row, Circus is happy to host the 4A’s Atlanta Council & Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies Class of 2015! Don’t know what that is? We’ve got you. According the 4A’s site: 

The Institute of Advanced Advertising Studies (IAAS) program is held in specific markets all over the country. If you are looking for your young professionals to step up in the areas of positioning, branding, media, digital, and creative, this is the top program in our industry.

Here’s what’s included in the Atlanta IAAS program:

Along with nine Circus students, the following agencies will be sending members of their staff:

Fitzgerald + Co.
Matlock Advertising & PR

These students will be working on Moe’s Southwest Grill and learning from our industry’s top leaders. 

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