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Nayoon Levitin

About Nayoon Levitin

My extensive art and design experience and solid educational background provides an excellent foundation to become a valuable member of a design team. I am invested and passionate in the fields of art, design and computer science. I have proven creative skills and am an effective team player who is highly focused and capable of achieving short and long term goals. Excellent communication and motivational skills with individuals at all levels combined with a strong work ethic and self motivation has enabled me to excel in my previous endeavors.

I have made an attempt to become experienced in all aspects of the design industry. While attending university, I gained knowledge through a curriculum based on Computer Science courses. I naturally joined an art institute upon graduation, building on my software education to broaden my creative technique. These skills would make me an ideal candidate for a design position.

Seeking work as a...

  • Designer


  • Greater Nashville
  • will work remotely


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