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Kat Kaidan

About Kat Kaidan

I believe that an ad agency isn't accomplishing what it’s meant to do if it only just does what the client wants. As creatives, we need to be innovative and provide ideas they would never think of, then building a campaign and brand voice together, give and pull on both sides.
I believe, if given the opportunity, I would become part of a team whose creativity is at a level I only dreamed to achieve. I know that not all ideas are gems, but I am not afraid to voice an “eh” idea in a meeting because it may just spark a brilliant idea for someone else. It is about the team, not myself. I want to help the team and company and client reach a new creative height.

Seeking work as a...

  • Copywriter


  • United States
  • willing to relocate
  • will work remotely


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