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Eric Doctor

About Eric Doctor

My friends call me Doc. You can, too, if you want.
I'm already Super Excited about whatever you're Super Excited about.

I spend most days in the Ivory Tower of The Unemployed Philosophers Guild in Brooklyn, where I'm the resident graphic designer. We make smart, funny gifts for smart, funny people.

I've designed motion graphics, identities, lettering, websites, and posters for a wide range of clients &mdash from large companies like Kohl's and Coca-Cola, to cultural institutions like the Atlanta Film Festival, to my friend Joe's Kickstarter-funded film.

I'm available for freelance work on a project basis, and I like helping people who have something worth hearing get heard; please get in touch if you'd like to work together.

Seeking work as a...

  • Art Director
  • Designer


  • Brooklyn, NY


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