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Christy Lin Moore

About Christy Lin Moore

Some might say I have a way with words. The brand I’m working on depends on how I express them. Wacky brands are my favorite because I get to show off my wit but I can write all kinds of stuff.

Need an inspiring manifesto? Got it. Want to rebrand and develop a new tone of voice? I’m all over it. Want some help with digital copy? Sure thing. Punchy headlines? Yes, please! B2B and technical copywriting? Please hold for the next available representative.

When I’m not at work you can find me in the kitchen creating something delish. I globe trott
and take photos that make the places I travel to look like something out of a dream. And I love making people laugh so much that I decided to start doing stand-up comedy.

The gist of all this is this: If I’m not creating and having fun, my life is pointless. Creativity is in my DNA and I have the southpaw to prove it.

Seeking work as a...

  • Copywriter


  • Atlanta, GA


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