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Advisory Board Members

Creatives from all over North America join us here on Lambert Drive to advise faculty & staff of The Creative Circus for our semi-annual National Advisory Board.

Advisory Board Members:

David Baldwin, Baldwin&

Noel Cottrell, ECD Fitzco

Cal McAllister, Co-Founder/CEO, Wexley School for Girls

Steve Mykolyn, Chief Brand Office, Taxi

Ted Royer, Chief Creative Officer, Droga5

Dave Holloway, Creative Director, Microsoft

Kevin Swanepoel, President, The One Club

Mike Geiger, President, Chief Integration Officer, JWT

Tim Guy, Creative Director, Google

Kim Kurtz, Founder/ Creative Recruiter, Revival Recruiting

Steve Hellerstein, CEO/President, Red Productions Inc

Deanne McLean, Owner, Deanne McLean & Co

Kara Taylor, Managing Director, USA FBI Recruitment

Kevin Flatt, Brand Director, MNML

Nate Able, CD/AD

John Vitro, Partner, Victro Agency

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