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Summer 2018 Orientation

Get to Know the New Creative Circus Students

creative circus class

The Summer 2018 Orientation just wrapped up – it’s time to get to know the new Creative Circus students!

They are from all over the US, have lived all over the world, and are increasingly multicultural. One student is from Nigeria. One student is fluent in Portuguese. Countless others speak Spanish.

Students have grown up in Alabama, Oklahoma, Indiana, North Carolina, New Jersey, New York, Florida, Oregon, Virginia, Georgia, Tennessee, & Toronto.

How they found themselves at The Creative Circus:

Before attending the Circus – Students Attended:

University of Georgia
Georgia State University
SUNY Potsdam
American University
University of Colorado
University of The South
Oklahoma State University
University of Alabama
University of Tampa
University of Florida
Kennesaw State University
Eckerd College
Virginia Tech
University of Portland
Indiana University
Georgia Connections Academy (Virtual High School)

Interesting Facts

One student is a huge Bruce Springsteen fan.

One student is an undefeated champion of thetherball.

One student majored in IT but does not know anything about IT.

One student is trying to visit as many national parks as possible.

One student has one good eye and one wonky eye.

One student likes to climb tall buildings to take pictures.

One student is a professionally trained sushi chef.

One student is an expert in King Arthur.

One student is a licensed scuba diver but has not scuba dived since.

One student was a professional dancer until she broke her back (but don’t ask her about it – she doesn’t like to talk about it).

And finally, one student has siblings.

Overall, the newest class is travel focused, are self-proclaimed car lovers, are fans of storytelling and is truly creatively driven. Above all else, they bring that special something—the creativity and drive for greatness— that will shape their Creative Circus experience over the next two years.

What drove you to attend The Creative Circus?


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