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Fall 2021 Orientation – Get to Know the New Students

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The Fall 2021 Orientation just wrapped up – it’s time to get to know the new Creative Circus students!

They are from all over the US, have lived all over the world, and are increasingly multicultural. 

Before attending the Circus – Students Attended:

University of Georgia
University of Mississippi
Kennesaw State
Georgia Tech
Georgia State
University of Miami
Chattahoochee Tech
Art Institute of Miami
West Virginia University
Loyola University Chicago
The University of Oklahoma
University of West Georgia
Cornerstone Preparatory Academy
Georgia State University
Davidson College
Georgia Tech
Emory University
Ball State University
Florida Atlantic University
University of Saint Mary
Valdosta State University
University of Colorado Boulder
Texas Tech University
Ithaca College
University of Denver
Texas State University
University of Maryland at College Park
Molloy College
UNG – University of North Georgia
N. Paulding HS

Georgia Highlands College

Overall, the newest class is travel focused, loves dogs and is truly creatively driven. Above all else, they bring that special something—the creativity and drive for greatness— that will shape their Circus experience over the next two years.

What drove you to attend The Creative Circus?


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