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Incoming Class of Fall 2018

Get to Know the New Creative Circus Students


class of fall 2018

The Fall 2018 Orientation just wrapped up – it’s time to get to know the new Creative Circus students!

They are from all over the US, have lived all over the world, and are increasingly multicultural. One student is from The Bahamas. One student is fluent in four languages. One student was born in Malaysia and another in Australia. One student got paid to travel around the world as a male cheerleader. One student sang across Japan while in High School.

Students have grown up in Washington, Oregon, Florida, North Carolina, Virginia, New York, Indiana, Minnesota, Maryland, Wyoming, Illinois, Alabama, Texas, California, Michigan, Connecticut, Ohio, and Georgia.


How they found themselves at The Creative Circus:

Before attending The Circus – Students Attended:

University of Georgia
University of South Carolina
Georgia State University
SUNY Albany
UNC Chapel Hill
University of Alabama
Vanderbilt University
Georgia Southern University
Middle Tennessee State University
Kennesaw State University
Skidmore College
Michigan State
Curry College
University of Minnesota
Florida State University
College of the Albermarle
Mercer University
Portland State
University of Wyoming
Washington State University
Ithaca College
Clemson University
Trinity College
UC Santa Barbara
Northeastern University
Oklahoma State
Loyola University
Iowa State
Indiana University


Before attending The Circus – Students Studied:

Fashion Merchandising
Studio Art
Graphic Design
Art History
Public Relations
Media Studies
Fine Arts
Film Studies


Before attending The Circus – Previous Professions:

Real Estate Agent
Toilet Seat Cover Designer
Graphic Designer
Adult Fiction Author
Wedding Photographer
Ghost Writer
Marketing Assistant
Office Manager
Production Assistant
Law Student
TV Producer
Body Piercer
Stage Production
Retired Military (22 Years of Service)
Pre-Med Student
Advertising Account Executive
Professional Cheerleader
Product Photographer
Polymer Clay Artist
Animal Hospital Worker
Stand-Up Comedian
Private Investigator
Freelance Photographer for Subaru
Multi-Media Designer for the US Military


Interesting Facts

One student’s great grandmother & her family was kicked off of the Titanic because her brother had measles.

One student is tritanomaly colorblind.

One student was the first rower to compete in the Olympics for the Bahamas & competed at the Rio de Janeiro Olympic Games.

One student has had a stutter his whole life (and is now proud of it)

One student has worked on The Avengers Infinity War film & the TV show Shameless.

One student likes when a logo takes up more space than it should in design.

One student is a professionally trained

One student had septicemia as a baby.

One student served Usher his breakfast once (he likes parfaits).

One student has a 24 pound coon cat.

One student is a hypochondriac.

One student’s daughter will be attending The Circus next year.

One student auditioned for a Prince cover band.

One student loves to take photos at Old Peoples Homes.

One student went to the doctor thinking she had fleas when it was just a mosquito bite.

Two students are professionally trained Yoga instructors.

And finally, one student loves long sleeved shirts.


Overall, the newest class is music focused, are self-proclaimed cat lovers, are fans of podcasts and is truly creatively driven. Above all else, they bring that special something—the creativity and drive for greatness— that will shape their Creative Circus experience over the next two years.

What drove you to attend The Creative Circus?


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